Friday, April 17, 2015

Net Metered Solar Energy in Nagarayan

Nagarayan Bhavan in Salt Lake houses the Department of Urban Development. Installation of Solar Panels on its rooftop is just complete. I just went to see it with Mr Gurupada Patra, Executive Engineer and others. The solar energy produced is converted to AC and stepped up to electricity grid voltage and pumped into the grid. The energy so put in acts as a kind of decentralised generator and so saves drawal of power from thermal power plants. The energy pumped in is measured through a special Net-Meter and there is reduction in electricity bill by the amount actually pumped in in the day. A photo on my mobile:
Roof-Top Solar Panels connected to the grid through net- metering

Here are a few clippings:
Khabar 365 dt 16 Ap 15
Khabar 365 dt 17 April 2015
Ei Samay dt 17 April 2015


  1. Thanks Sir !!! For so many rooftop installations of solar panels in the Diff Govt buildings under HIDCO, NKDA and UD. With more markets coming up in New Town, I think we will cross the 1 MW mark for solar power generation in rooftop installation of Govt Buildings in Rajarhat and NKDA soon.

    Sir, can we have more solar power generation in Ganga Sagar. I think Govt and GSDA will have ample land in Ganga Sagar island for that. Also I think Ganga Sagar has tourists throughout the year nowadays.

    Can GSDA go for auction for land inviting bids for decent hotels? I think that can also help Govt in getting some more revenue.

    With your magic touch, will be expecting more solar panel installations in rooftop of Govt buildings in ADDA ( Asansol Durgapur Development Authority) Area

  2. Sir, we have gathered some traction in generating investments for Finance Hub. 17 FIs have taken up plots and I hope in the latest round of auction for 27th April, some more FIs will be taking up plots.

    I have a request. Keeping the concept of "new" in New Town, can we pitch for some software product / R&D Companies to establish office in New Town? Can we plan for a road show in Bangalore , which is to be quickly followed by a roadshow in California ( silicon valley) where the headquarters of all these product companies are located.

    As we all know, there has been a lot of negativity about Bengal in 34 years. We need sustained road shows and positive propaganda to beat that . New Town with an amazing infrastructure can actually do that.

    If you want I can provide you a list of India Site Head / MDs of some of the product companies who are expanding heavily in Bangalore.

    If New Town becomes a global magnet of talent both for finance and hi-teh hub, I think everyone of us would be delighted.

    1. I am expecting a few more FIs.So we are extending the date from 27 Ap

    2. Great !!! Lets get a few more FIs and again generate a buzz. Throughout the day, whenever we try to read newspapers in Bengal , there is always negativity related to investments. But hardly we are getting news that 17 FIs have paid money for buying acres in New Town. Sir, please arrange a good media coverage for this and also push the FIs to start their construction.

      Also , SP Group is planning to de-notify their SEZ land (50 acres) opposite to Infy plot in AA 3 , thinking that there will not be much demand. Can HIDCO tie up with SP Group and get this SEZ as a part of Finance Hub and promote it as IFSC ( IFSC Approval has come for GIFT Ahmedabad). IL&FS can give us guidance I think as they are also advising GIFT.

      Also , please think about a Road Show in Bangalore and California promoting New Town and NKDA as Software R&D Hub for companies like Microsoft, VMWare, CISCO , Intel, SAP Labs, Flipkart , Adobe, Sandisk etc. All these companies are expanding fanatically in India and particularly Bangalore. We can offer them plots in New Town and also tell them about the huge commercial built-up spaces available.

      Nowadays, most big states are having investment summits once in a year but they are doing Road Shows all across the country throughout the year to generate positive vibrancy and promote their state to get investments during the summit.

  3. I would like to help you as I have too come up with a blueprint for Kolkata Financial and Legal Hub and also a 3 year plan for attracting investment in Rajarhat Newtown in IT,BPO and other services...... I would love to join your hand for this noble cause along with NKDA........ You can talk with me in or Facebook........ Even skyscrapercity-swastik_urban......... If you want to fo something please let me know

    1. Can you mail please your blueprint at ?

    2. Sir I will be privileged to help you............ It is my pleasure to help you I am just finishing mybplan will send u and want to help you in the proposed plan.........

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Sir as promised have sent the idea............
      So I have sent it in your mail plzzz check
      The subject is Kolkata and Newtown a blend of............
      Sir plzz check it...

  4. ক্লক টাওয়ারের ক্লকটায় অালোর ব্যবস্হা করলে ভালো হয়। রাত্রে দূর থেকে জ্বলজ্বল করলে দেখতে ভালো লাগবে, সময়টাও জানা যাবে-সময়ানুবর্তীতার কথা মনে পড়বে।

    1. There is weak light from outside. A brighter light will go against the 3D graphics light. Light from inside is not possible because of the clockwork mechanism