Friday, April 24, 2015

New Eco Carts

We procured three new eight-seat eco-carts yesterday. Two will be used by the police for security in Eco Park. One will be used at Eco-island. A photo:

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Here is a clipping from today's paper:


  1. Using 8 seater eco carts for police surveillance seems a bit of a overkill.
    I would suggest procuring a few Segway personal transporters for security rounds. These are quite popular with security people in western countries - because they are more flexible / portable - can be used on narrow walkways too.

    You can also consider procuring more segways and offer guided segway tours of Eco park. Considering the fact that the park is huge, this might be a better option than guided walking tours. For most people it takes only 1-2 minutes to get used to balancing the segway.

  2. The home town building right behind the plaza is a complete eyesore with it's huge hoardings. New town being a hoarding free zone, can something be done against the property owners. I am certain the original approved building plans did not include those ugly hoardings.

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  4. Yes very TRUE the ugly looking hoarding should be replaced with artistic one because it is the entry point to Newtown.

  5. Is the demand for Eco Cart not much among visitors? Otherwise I think we could have got some more Eco Cart for visitors and HIDCO could also have earned some money in the process?

    Keeping in mind the huge number of visitors and the popularity of Eco Park, I think HIDCO would like to bring some exclusivity to its crowd and add more to its coffers. Rs. 150 per visitor in Wax Museum did not reduce the number of visitors .

    Can we increase the entry fee of Eco Park to Rs. 50 and if its too steep a at least Rs. 30?

    1. Since weekends see a much higher footfall than weekdays, perhaps an entry fee of Rs.30 for weekdays and Rs.50 on weekends/holidays would be a good idea.