Monday, April 27, 2015

Swapno Bhor: A Seniors'Park

We are just about ready for an inauguration of the Seniors' Park which has been named "Swapna Bhor". Two computer aided photos of the actual site:

* * *
Here is a clipping from today's paper:

Ei Samay dt 27 April 2015


  1. Sir,
    There is no footpath connecting Akankha more (6th Rotary) with the housing clusters (Hiland, Akankha, Sunrise, Starlit). A part of that road (being at a lower level than the rest of the road) gets inundated every monsoon. If you could have WBHIDCO construct a foot-path or atleast overhaul the storm drainage in that area; it would be really helpful. And a regular mechanized cleaning of that road would also be really nice!

    Additionally, I request you to plant some tall shade trees in AA-IIC and also decorate the median in front of the housing clusters with tree plantation.

    Sowmik Sengupta

  2. Sir as written earlier in comments of the post of Solar panels in building someone proposed some ideas to you in which I wanted to help and send a brief idea............
    So I have sent it in your mail plzzz check
    The subject is Kolkata and Newtown a blend of............
    Sir plzz check it...

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