Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Town Clock Tower Plaza inaugurated

The New Town Clock Tower Plaza was inaugurated today by Justice Asim Banerjee, in presence of Saurav Das IAS Principal Secretary (both of whom stay in New Town). The 2-day Barshabaran Utsav finished today at 9.30 pm with great enthusiasm and participation. A photo of the clockplaza taken today afternoon:
Talent Search was concluded at the Plaza amidst great enthusiasm
* * *
A clipping from today's paper:
Times of India dt 15 April 2015


  1. Clock Tower Plaza is good initiative and suits with overall development of Newtown.

  2. The clock is not visible at night. Need to rearrange the lights.
    Also, hardly any people is around that plaza because of lack of shades and trees in and around the plaza.

  3. Good initiative but should have got a little more thought. The tower is too short for the surroundings - there is a flyover that runs beside it and the tower's height is just a shade more than that of the flyover (a.k.a. the largest road bump in the world...its need is quite a mystery). Also, the clock face is too small even for the current height. The tower needed to be imposing and making an impact. Money spent with good intentions but not well spent. A case of lack of adequate vision and imagination.

    1. True.. the need of that flyover is a great mystery - there is hardly any cross traffic - flyovers should have been built at new town bus stand junction and novotel/pride hotel junction - that would have made much more sense and much better use of public money.

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    3. Yes totally agree. Flyovers at New Town bus stand and Narkel Bagan are a dire need. Also, the Novotel crossing will need a flyover within a year or two once the area gets more residents. Most importantly, New Town only has two entry / exit points - VIP Road Haldiram and Sector V which is very low for the large township. It desperately needs an entry / exit point for vehicles travelling to south Kolkata. This would greatly reduce traffic load on the MAR from Narkelbagan to Sector V. Honestly, the MAR too narrow even for the current traffic. We are heading for a crisis. Can you imagine the situation when the highrises in New Town start getting filled up?

  4. The plaza should have a provision of underground parking and most importantly, provision of umbrellas / sheds is a must. Some greenery / landscaping would also help. You can view the pictures of San Francisco's Union square plaza to get an idea of a well planned town plaza which is quite popular with tourists as well as locals -