Friday, January 15, 2016

Catch n Release

Yesterday, minutes after I landed back from Andamans where I'd gone on a short LTC, I attended a programme of the Fisheries Department where Minister of Fisheries Chandrakanta Sinha released many fishlings in Eco Park Lake. A photo on our flat jetty.
l-R: Addl Director of Fisheries, Minister Chandrakanta
Singh, me, Karmadhyakshya N-24:
14 Jan 2016
Today evening, I had an interesting discussion with a consultant who promotes Catch and Release concept in angling. All fish caught - small and large - are to be released. So there is no commercial angling but a pure sport. A short talk will be given by the consultant on Saturday 23rd January at Eco Urban Village where children and young adults will be motivated to adopt the Catch-and-Release concept of angling, as a pure sport.

Actually, on the 23rd January, we are doing a unique experiment in Eco Urban Village. All local apartment owners will be invited to attend a workshop where I and artist Rupchand Kundu would be present. Concepts would be presented on what we have in mind on development of Eco Urban Village and what the residents want. We will even carry a white board to jot down ideas. Do we need swings or see-saws or both? Do we do an "akhra"-type central stage? Are paddle boats enough or do we need speed-boats too? The participatory planning of the Eco Urban Village would create a blue-print of future development of Eco Urban Village

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