Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hop On Hop Off Toy Train on Republic Day

We just flagged off a toy train look-alike of Darjeeling Toy Train at Eco Park this morning. The one near Tea Garden, with its little Ghoom station is a static model, for photo opportunity. Located near the Tea Lounge and Children's Park, it is already a great success for visitors and we've had two post security guards to help protect it from over-enthusiastic youngsters.

Today, a look-alike motorised version was flagged off from Gate Two. There are 10 "stations" or stops. One full round takes 40 minutes, there are three coaches each with 9 seats (3x3) so that a total of 27 passengers can go in one trip. The train stops for one minute at each station (Rabi Aranya, Rose Garden etc) where a passenger, if he wishes, can get down and avail of the next trip. The train takes a round all over the lake and also passes through the rose garden and tropical rain forest etc.

Manager (Nirmal), Krittibas (GM(M)), Supriyo (CE), me,
Suman (GM4), Partha (Curator), Gautam (manufacturer),
Arup (GM2)

There are 10 stations now
* * *
Earlier, from 9 am onwards, I hoisted flags at Hidco, NKDA and UD:

Hidco Bhavan, 26 Jan 2016
NKDA , 26 Jan
Nagarayan, UD
* * *

Khabar 365 dt 26 Jan 2016

Aajkal dt 25 Jan 2016

Times of India dt 25 Jan 2016
Times of India dt 25 Jan 2016

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