Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pet Care

We have already started a Pet Corner at Swapna Bhor (Seniors' Park; see my blog post ) An earmarked shed is also fast coming up that will provide a place for surgeries, besides medicines, care products and medical help.

I have received some requests for allowing dogs in at least one park of New Town. Most parks in Kolkata do not allow pets inside parks mostly because dog poop menace. We are thinking of barricading a portion of Swapna Bhor that includes the pet corner zone where people with pet dogs may take a walk. The guards will keep an eye that dog poop is removed by the owner immediately. An additional fee for this facility may have to be paid to ensure cleanliness of the area.

After the loss of a beloved pet, most owners are grief stricken. A chief engineer of Hidco recently took a day off after his dog died after 12 years. In order to achieve closure after a loss, many pet owners need funeral services for their animals. We have identified a 5 kottah plot on the bank of a canal at a far end of New Town where a Pet Crematorium  would be built by NKDA. The search for a designer has begun as well as a legal consultant.
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ToI dt 31 Jan 2016
Hindustan Times dt 31 Jan 2016

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