Saturday, May 7, 2016

One Year of Cafe Ekante

On 15th May 2016, Cafe Ekante will complete one year. We will celebrate a week-long celebration from Sunday 15 May to Sunday 22 May 2016.  On 15 May 2015 on Eco Island, the lake facing glass walled Cafe Ekante with its distinctive bamboo light shades and sital pati covered tables was launched. In the year that passed by, many new extensions have taken place: (1) Open Air Lawn (2) House Boat (pic above) (3) Floating Boat (4) Eco Park Jetty (5) Nazrul Tirtha and (6) Swapna Bhor Seniors' Park. A Zomato "chain web page" is being launched soon to bring these all together. Three more extension counters are being planned and are expected to be operational within a month or two; these are (a) Mother's Wax Museum Cafetaria (b) Stall at first rotary bus stand near Eastern Highs (c) New Town Business Club.

It is a journey worth recounting. We have managed to make a small mark with guests from India and abroad enjoying the boat ride, the spectacular view and the unique bangla, bangla fusion, muglai and continental food. We are proud to say that the operation is not outsourced but is being run by a professional unit under HIDCO that is a profit centre and has already been above the break even mark.

In the Sunday-to-Sunday celebrations starting 15th May 2016, we plan to produce a surprise special dish, off the usual menu, for each of the seven days. There will also be a "EDLP" (Each Day Lowest Price), that is, every day, one item from the menu will be at a special very low price - lower than any nearby restaurant of comparable standard. Furthermore, in association with Big FM, there will be an opportunity of special audition: aspiring young singers can video record their songs on the houseboat and upload to Big FM site ad the best one will be given an opportunity to sing in the radio FM Channel. In addition, a RJ of Big FM may also come for a live event one of the seven days (details are being worked out).
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Millennium Post dt 7 May 2016

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