Sunday, May 22, 2016

Smart Car Parking at Eco Park

At Gate 1 of Eco Park, about 500 cars can park. To give the users a smart experience in paying their parking fees, we have just installed a Smart Car Parking Management System. This is just in trial operation from last week.
The system operates as follows:
As soon as a car is near the entry gate, its presence is automatically sensed by a system that is buried under the ground (It works on interruption of earth's magnetic field by the metal body, I was told). The slot machine is then activated and the driver presses a button to get a credit-card-shaped plastic card where time etc is recorded in the embedded chip.
At the entry point, this card is "touched" in a machine. There is an operator who hands over a ticket printed on thermal paper showing details and fee. On payment, the operator pushes a button and the boom barrier opens for the car to go out.
There are many checks and balances built in. The best part is that it gives an accurate report every day on the number of parking (which hour was the busiest entry time today? what is the average duration of a parking car ? etc).
Soon the other car parking entries will have this system too.
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ToI dt 22 May 2016

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