Saturday, May 28, 2016

Review of Projects

On the first day of the "second innings" of the new government headed by Mamata Banerjee, I held a meeting of over 150 officers, engineers, architects, consultants and agencies of HIDCO and NKDA at Rabindra Tirtha. I had a long 3 hour continuous monitoring with basic data projected by powerpoint for each of the 35 ongoing projects. I was on stage and the team doing the project under review would come up on the stage and make precise commitments.
I also explained that the second innings and the Smart City sanction had made us doubly responsible for making New Town into a economic hub that would produce jobs. I explained the strategy to be adopted for making the city inward investment friendly, by making the city a work of art by itself and using technology to steer ahead - just as extensive adoption of mechanization had made Hidco a very efficient project implementer from its very start.
Focus: I said that we must focus on quality and safety in executing projects. I focussed also on hearing to complaints and suggestions from citizens and try to solve issues from the city perspective. Elimination of air pollution and visual pollution was also a priority and said we must concentrate on demonstration projects: we decided to develop 350 m of Main Biswa Bangla Road from the Technopolis Bridge till subway near Najrul Tirtha as a model Smart Street .
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Aajkal dt 28 May 2016

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