Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Wi Fi Hotspots

Yesterday we had a detailed discussions with consultants KPMG about creating a Wi Fi network in New Town under the Smart City Plan. What was agreed to after detailed discussions and market information is that we'd opt for public Wi Fi Hotspot zones in Public Spaces such as Parks, Bus Stations and Metro Stations and allow broadband to private houses / commercial buildings. On request, any such building could be made Wi Fi enabled by using Access Points. It was also agreed that the finances would be so structured that a hybrid PPP method would be used where a Private layer would get a reasonable Return on Investment, would give good 24x7 service / marketing and deal better with technological obsolescence. On the other hand, a capital grant from Smart City fund would make the project viable.
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A creative for Cafe Ekante's one year was finalised today. Creative by Lintas.

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Times of India dt 10 May 2016

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