Friday, August 18, 2017

Digital Disruption

At ITC Sonar, 18 Aug 2017

Was chief guest at seminar today at ITC Sonar called "Digital Disruption". It was organised by Public Relations Society of India.

I made the point that by Massive Open Online Courses like Udacity etc, our young graduates should re-skill themselves to overcome and harness the post disruption world to be dominated by AI, robotics and the like. I mentioned that we must inculcate a spirit of innovation and creativeness by introducing and encouraging start-ups from high schools and colleges. I gave example that while our yellow taxi drivers may lose their jobs in the era of driver-less cars but as in an aircraft on an autopilot, there would be a manual override for many many years to come and drivers would have to re-skill themselves to control AI enabled robotic drivers. Co-Founder of Techno India Grup Ms Manasi Roy Chowdhury agreed to introduce start up courses in her institutions in due course.
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Tel dt 18 Aug 17

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