Friday, August 25, 2017

Trade Certificate and Property Tax in Sector 5 (NDITA)


The Certificate of Enlistment is issued subject to the provisions of Section 118 of The West Bengal Municipal Act, 1993.

Anybody involved or planning to get involved in any profession, trade or calling within the area of Nabadiganta Industrial Township Authority (NDITA) must obtain a Certificate of Enlistment or get the same renewed annually.

With an objective to provide better service, the License Department of the NDITA  has been fully computerised and the services are available online. The application forms for Certificate of Enlistment (new/ renewal) are available in the official website of Nabadiganta Industrial Township Authority ( Till now (24-08-2017), around 560 Enlistment Certificates have been issued by this Authority for the current year i.e 2017-18.

Presently NDITA is following the guidelines issued by Dept. Of Urban Development and Municipal Affairs vide there Memo. No. 496 dt 25-07-2017 for Issuance and Renewal of Certificate of Enlistment and are issued/renewed with submission of minimum documents such as ID proof and lease deed/legal occupancy/rent agreement/rent receipt.. Though as per the Right to Public Services Act, 2013, 25 days is allowed for issuance of CE, NDITA disposes CE cases within 7 working days, in some cases CE were issued in 3 working days also.

Apart from issuance of Certificate of Enlistment, NDITA has taken initiative for proper assessment and collection of Property Tax dues for the Assesses of NDITA. The process of Property Tax assessment is also fully computerised and the services are available online. The services include online payment through payment gateway, printing of bill & printing of payment receipt.  The property tax Collection of NDITA for Q1 of FY-2017-18 has increased seven time in comparison to collection for Q1 of FY-2016-17. (FY-2016-17(Q1) Rs.2.70 Crore and FY-2017-18(Q1) Rs.14.76 Crore)
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Clippings from Salt Lake Telegraph dt 25 Aug 2017:

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