Monday, August 7, 2017

Village in Eco Park

Banglar Gram : At Eco Park

Large hand-fans (হাত  পাখা) , taller than a man's height, mark the front boundary of a Bengali village being constructed in Eco Park over a 3 acre piece of land. There will be 40 huts, many of which have already been constructed. There will be 70 statues of village-men as well as a tulsitala, a rath and a palki that will actually carry children for demonstration. There will also be a real paddy field. An eatery shaped like a large Dhamsa will also be built. The project is expected to be commissioned by DEcember this year. Meanwhile, to prevent curious visitors from entering, we decided to put a temporary fencing all around.
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Millennium Post dt 7 August 2017

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