Thursday, January 11, 2018

Brainstorming Session for Innovation Centre

At IT&E Department today: Innovation Inputs
The State Govt has decided to set up a Centre of Innovation at Bantala. A building construction has already started and is expected to be commissioned within 2018.

In order however to decide how the centre should function, we held a brainstorming session with many thought leaders and experts from IIM, IIT, University of Kolkata, WBUT, Assocham, PwC, Sumantrana, Intueri, Praxis, Fujisoft, Start-Ups and others.

After intense discussions, it was roughly decided as follows (I requested all to give inputs separately by 31st January):
1. The goal of the Centre of Innovation would be to produce (a) patents / IPRs and (b) upscale knowledge in emerging areas like blockchain, fintech, IoT, robotics etc
2. The aim would be to network with industry and academic institutions by video workshops / interactions, webinars, web, linked-in, apps etc as well as actual workshops
3. The task would be to invite successful patent holders and mentors to handhold aspiring young innovators and help them with industry problems and mentors.
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