Saturday, January 20, 2018

Community Market Project near Shukhobrishti

Groundbreaking of Community Market Project yesterday (19th Jan 2018)
The road in front of Shukhobrishti Complex is full of unauthorised roadside shops. We conducted a survey on the type of shops and names. We discovered, interestingly, that while in other parts like those in front of Unitech where NKDA has already built a Community Market the number of food stalls was the most, here, in Action Area 3, the spread is wider with even hair cutting saloons and fruit / chicken stalls. Actually, the street economics of the large residential area - only lately being serviced by a new Spencer's mall - ensures demand for the whole spectrum of shops one normally sees in a block market of Salt Lake and elsewhere. So we planned the rehabilitation market as per demand, planned for a segregation of dry and wet markets that is, fish - chicken- mutton on one side, groceries and vegetables on another side and food-stalls and services (xerox, hair cutting) on the front. A two storied office building for the market committee to keep an eye as if from a watch tower. Well dispersed spaces for bins. Parking space. All in a rather thin strip of land. But planning is done in consultation with stakeholders, panchayat, engineers and architect.

The work started yesterday. Will take 18 months. NKDA is building it. This will be the third such project after the one near Unitech in AA2 and Old Thana in AA1 - both hugely successfully running with rehabilitated street vendors.

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