Monday, January 22, 2018

Street View, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality for New Town

To help one to decide whether or not to undertake a tour to Eco Park, Mother's Wax Museum as well as Biswa Bangla Convention Centre (especially for organisers), we are taking help of the digital platforms.  Feeds and information on Web-pages, Facebook / Twitter / YouTube feeds are regularly done by dedicated teams. Information on events is also sent via SMS to registered persons, registration being free and automatic.

Recently, we are trying to explore the Virtual Realty and Augmented Realty platforms too.

Thus, for example, in the Google Maps, a 3D walkthrough for Mother's Wax Museum can be seen at,88.4721804,3a,75y,169.65h,61.79t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sAF1QipOOPdsDwCthpIisNBrlRADx7LS8sJInfTvcaLWX!2e10!3e11!7i7700!8i3850?authuser=1 . You need to move the mouse and click at the virtual arrows to move forward and look around. This was uploaded three weeks ago and already 85,000 views have taken place.

A Virtual Realty Tour using drone photographs was uploaded during BGBS 2018 last week. This can be accessed at . Using the keyboard direction-arrows or by using the arrows on the screen, one can navigate around eco park and hit interest zones in the realty view to get transported to the next area of interest. If someone has Google Cardboard or a VR box and use the link on your smart mobile phone, you will see a stunning 3D virtual realty view, where you rotate and tilt your head to move around and enjoy the view around you.

An Augmented Reality Apps called "Convention Centre AR" is available at Google Play Store. It can be searched on the Googe Play Store and downloaded free on your Android Mobile. Once downloaded, the pictures in the BBCC AR Booklet (the BBCC AR Booklet is available at the Convention Centre Office) can be connected with the apps by pointing the mobile's camera to the photo while the Apps is running. The whole picture of the booklet comes to life, an AR Video is seen on the screen with people moving  around and in the midst of a simulated convention happening at the Centre. A great feature is the last page of the booklet that comes to life through the Apps to show how to reach the site of BBCC from E M By Pass / VIP Road from a flying drone point-of-view. The Convention Centre AR Apps and the booklet was launched during the BGBS 2018 on 16 Jan 2018

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