Saturday, May 5, 2018

Awareness Camps on Property Tax Starts

Property Tax has been introduced from this FY 2018-19 in New Town on the Unit Area Assessment system. Already more than 3,500 self assessments have been filed on-line and almost 3,000 residents have made tax payments. Many persons are visiting the help desk at the new 5th floor Property Tax Office in Action Area 1 (located near water tank no.3). However, a fresh drive is being taken to reach out to the residents throughout the month of May as penalty will be levied unless the tax for the first quarter is paid by 2 June 2018. A schedule has been drawn up for the camps in various parts of New Town (for details, see ).

An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is also uploaded on NKDA's website for clarification of doubts (See )

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