Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Biodiversity in Eco Park

We are currently undertaking a stock of the bio-diversity in Eco Park. Already, upon completion of 5 years of Eco Park, we have published a photo-booklet entitled "Echoing Green: A Five Year Journey" (Published by Hidco, Price Rs 50). Now with the help of forest department and NGOs, we are documenting the bio-diversity of eco park.

The initial findings show that in addition to the many dozens of types of butterflies in the Butterfly Park of Eco Park, there are three species of mammals, 24 species of birds and 17 species of fish in Eco Park.

Among the butterflies, some varieties are Blue Mormon, Commander, Lemon Pansy, Blue Pansy, Grey Pansy, Common Leopard, Mormon, Lime Butterfly, Common Rose, Tailed Jay and others. Among the birds are Stock Billed Kingfisher, While-bellied Woodpecker, Bengal Bush Lark, Rufous-Tailed Lark, Rock Bush Quail, Indian Blackbird, Green Munia,Malabar Whistling Thrush, Indian Grass Bird, Striated Babbler, Indian Blue Robin and others. Spotted and barking deer are there in Harinalaya. Many Indian Palm Squirrels are present as also many species of insects and ants some of which are fire ant, argentine ant, pharaoh's ant etc.

Among the trees, there are Pink Cassia, Burmese Cassia, Sasage Tree, Variegate Bakul, Fern eaf Tree, Red Sandalwood, Yellow bottle brush and 62 varieties of fruit trees such as mango, jamrul, jam, banana, grapes, chickoo, pomegranate etc. There are 23 varieties of bamboos in the Bamboo garden and in the heliconia garden there are species such as Lobster Claw, Parrot's Flower, Metal Leaf,Spider Lily etc. There is an orchid garden and a cactus enclave too. There is a Hibiscus GardenThe Japanese Forest has species that are related to some in Japan as suggested by a Japanese Professor from Tokyo. Rabi Aranya has plants and trees mentioned in Tagore's literary works. The tropical rain forest has large tropical trees of many kinds. The huge lake is dotted with coconut trees, boguvillia, palm trees and date treesThe Banglar Gran enclave has common vegetables and cereals. The Herbal garden has 241 varieties of herbs.
Signage outside Herbal Garden

A five acre plot near Banglar Haat, called Pakhibitan, has been created as a virgin marshy eco system for insects, birds, lizards and reptiles and fish too.

The study of the biodiversity is as yet incomplete. We are trying to do a documentation in a professional manner by expert groups led by the forest department

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