Friday, October 12, 2012

3 Stars for Digha

Yesterday, we published the Expression of Interest for setting up a Three Star Hotel in Digha. The site is very rare and beautiful, in New Digha. Here is a clipping:


  1. That's great step....Can engage a few NGOs in and around the large stage for eco-tourism initiative and local people's involvement . Secondly, I want to share a new security tips that i am noticing gujarat govt has implemented a few months back - this relates to making things more difficult for criminals and touts who harass tourists misbehave with them. Now all the autos in Ahmedabad has to mandatorily to ink the particulars of vehicle registration, vehicle no., mobile no. and name ( the name though many are not inking). By this easy measure at no cost to govt,citizen can give more details faster as the full details toursit can note on his mobile while sitting inside and sms the same in case she anticipate any threat to her safety.

  2. This is a good development.

    Hope as tourist inflow increases in near future, we will have more such hotels by private operators.

    It will be great if you can share the progress of other projects in Digha-Sankarpur-Mandarmani belt ( including Digha Gate & spa).

    Also it does not look nice for a potential investor to go to DSDA website and figure out that links in "Why Digha Sankarpur" is not working.