Thursday, October 4, 2012

Iconic Building for Financial Hub

We will build an iconic building at a very prime location of CBD in New Town. We are on the look-out of the best-in-class architect consultancy firm for this. We published an EOI today:
Meanwhile, we are trying hard to take forward our Financial Hub. Over the last few days, I've spoken to a number of Chairpersons of various large financial intitutions including HUDCO, National Housing Bank, National Insurance Company, ILF&S, UCo, UBI and few others. Chairman NHB is likely to visit the site next week. Today, PNB and SREI representatives will meet me today. I also informally requested FICCI Eastern Region Secretary to help.
We are also planning for a few more road shows soon.
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Here is a clipping from today's Times of India:


  1. Dear Sir,
    i want to bring another problem to your notice. Our office is located at DLF IT Park, Phase – II, Premises No. IIF/1, Block – IIF. The approach road to the building needs to be completed, where sand/stone dust is flying with every passing car. as a result, it is very difficult to walk across the road without inhaling dust particles. as whether will be getting drier in the winter, it will create major health hazards who are all working at DLF II.

    Kindly look into the problem.

  2. Really great initiative ..... fantastic for the financial hub.
    The decision to build the 30 stories tower is really very good as many companies might not be interested in buying land. Rather they might be interested in going for rent in built up office spaces.

    Are we planning to involve any PR firm? GIFT requested an RFP for that. Here goes the link.

    The PR firm will help GIFT authorities in the following activities:

    (a) To establish GIFT as a preferred international and national financial hub for its target entities and the corporate world.
    (b) To improve visibility of GIFT and other activities that will create media publicity at national level of longer shelf life including electronic media.
    (c) To develop GIFT brand at national level.
    (d) Arrange meeting of the GIFTCL/Client with key decision makers,
    renowned professionals, entrepreneurs etc. to highlight the important aspects of the Project.
    (e) Ongoing media interface opportunities and coordinating with the GIFTCL/ Client on the same and arrange meetings with senior media representatives and liaison with company spokespersons and the media.
    (f) To promote GIFT’s initiatives and vision through presentation, media channels and interviews etc at national level.

  3. Also, in which cities are we planning to do the roadshows? I think we can do one more in Bombay.

    If we are doing this and can get Calcutta Stock Exchange shifted to the financial hub, I think we can target more of private sector FIs and MNC banks ( JP Morgan, Nomura etc)


  4. Marvellous idea of Iconic Tower in CBD New Town. Congrats Sir,

    Excellent suggestion by Mr Abhishek to get Calcutta Stock Exchange shifted to the Financial Hub. This may give a great anchor effect to the financial hub.

    How about involving developers of repute to develop ready space for FIs, NBFCs, MNC Banks etc who prefer to lease the ready space than to come forward to buy the land and develop for themselves or others?

    This may accelerate the growth of the Hub in a big way due to team work effect.

    1. It's true... lets move the Stock Exchange in New Town. Great idea.. Abhishek.