Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cobalt 60 for Clean Earth

Last week, we sent our engineers to the Planning Commission where officials of Bhava Atomic Research Centre indicated that the sludge emanating from Wastewater Treatment Plants are usually left untreated and released to the environment and this causes hazards as there are pathogens and toxic chemicals in it. An effective way to make this sludge harmless is to irradiate it with radioactive radiation. Cobalt-60 is a non-hazardous option. The irradiated sludge can thereafter be used as fertiliser.
We would be interested in adopting these methods in New Town where some Wastewater Treatment Plants are being constructed. What is needed, however, are standardized guidelines from the Planning Commission.
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I attended a seminar yesterday on Affordable Housing. Here are some clippings:

Anandabazar dt 11 Oct 2012
Sakalbela dt 11 Oct 2012
Business Line dt 11 Oct 2012
Mint dt 11 Oct 2012

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  1. The relaxation of 14 Y for real estate was logical and long due. A real nice step. Hope to see a good number of large scale integrated township projects in a few years time. What I feel is Govt should lay down the norms of things like width of road, amenities like underground sewerage and underground electric cabling, parks etc for these type of townships.

    Cobalt-60 will be nice. Guidelines from planning commission will lead to its widespread adoption. Good that you picked this up. :-) We can also use them for the towns under DSDA.

    Also if the irradiated sludge volume is huge, govt can generate some revenue by selling the fertilizer at a cheap rate.