Saturday, October 13, 2012

Application form for transfer of Salt Lake Forms on Web

We have uploaded the application form for transfer of residential plots in Salt Lake. This is available on a link placed in the Home page of the Urban Development Department web site at : Here is the link
The application format has been considerably simplified.
We are receiving a good number of applications. We plan to issue a public notice in newspapers shortly to enable interested applicants to get the forms etc easily.
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Here is a link in Times of India


  1. Thanks for providing me the link.this is the form for those who need to transfer of salt lake forms for web.
    Free sample forms

  2. This is simply nice and this should be the way Govt should provide service to the citizens. A person cannot bunk his ofiice / workplace to go and collect forms and waste time. Instead that should be available through web.

    Also we should give in web:
    1. The list of documents he should be ready with to get the transfer process done.
    2. Way to upload scanned copies of those documents. I think we can very well do with scanned copies instead of photocopies ( wherever needed).

    Also I feel Govt should go behind the people who have done the transfers illegally and extract proper penalties from them to increase compliance.

    I have a feedback . Recently I heard from a friend who is a native from a secondary city in WB, that penalization process for building plan deviation in the smaller municipalities is very lax across almost all the smaller cities in WB. I think that can be a good way to augment the revenue of the state govt.