Sunday, August 10, 2014

Canaltop Solar Power Plant starts

Yesterday, we flagged off commencement of work on 500 KVA solar power project by breaking coconuts. The agency, selected through a Committee headed by Director of WBREDA (West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency) after an e-tender process was given site possession yesterday. The project report was made by the Solar Cell of BESU while it is being funded under the Solar City Programme of MNRE. The project consists of using sloped steel structure laid across a link canal near Banglar Hat / Entry Plaza of Eco Park. The advantage of laying the panels on canal-top is that precious land is not required for the solar panels while at the same time the canal is saved from external wastes. It will produce 500 KVA of power - "enough to light up entire 480 acres of Eco Park", said S.P. Chatterjee Chief Engineer (Electrical) Hidco - but will not have batteries because it is difficult to store so much power. So a net metering concept will be used that would pump in electricity to the grid during day and get bill discounts payable by Hidco on electricity bills. I told engineers that care must be taken so that the most efficient solar panels are used in the flagship project. The project will be implemented by NKDA. Here is a photo of the commencement of work:

Canal-top Solar Power Project starts on 9th Aug 2014
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Here are few clippings:
Today's Times of India

Times of India dt 9.8.2014
Pratidin dt 9 Aug 2014


  1. can we extend this solar panel project to the other canals at newtown/rajarhat/kestopore? also we could make it mandatory for housing complex in newtown to use solar panel for lighting up common area. GOVT/HIDCO could provide implement tha project and extra electricity can be feed into grid

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