Sunday, August 24, 2014

Solar Shop

The NKDA (New Town Development Authority) had its board meeting yesterday. Among the decisions taken was one regarding setting up of a Solar Shop in the new 1A market: this will enable people to see, discuss and buy energy efficient solar devices from a specialist shop (Shop S-25). It was also decided that solar panels would be installed in rooftops of Hidco Bhavan, Finnce Centre, NKDA Technical Building and the new markets. It was also decided that Solar Lights would be installed in Smritibon in Action Area 1.

After recognition of New Town as a Solar City by MNRE, quite a few steps have been taken in New Town to take steps to reduce carbon footprint in the town. Some of these are as follows:

1. 500 KW canal-top solar power project: Project formulated in consultation with WBREDA and BESU. Work started.
2. Floating Solar Panel in Smritibon: Project planning started by Green Energy Corporation.
3. Solar Trees in Eco Park: Two trees installed at Gate 3 by BESU on pilot basis
4. Extensive use of LEDs, instead of Sodium Vapour / Metal Halides in street lights
5. Construction of a Green Utility Building in collaboration with technical wing of CII
6. Giving incentives for adoption of green building norms
7. Use of LED signage
8. Holding awareness camps with citizens: Coal India Complex, Rabi Rashmi etc have used energy efficient devices and solar panels in a big way
9. Plan to use e-Rickshaws, motion detectors and net-metering systems.
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Here are three press clippings:

Anandabazar dt 22.8.2014

Anandabazar dt 21.8.2014

The Statesman dt 24.8.2014


  1. Excellent initiatives towards making new town a truely solar city. Building more housing complexes modeled after Rabi-rashmi would also help. Going forward please make usage of solar panels on rooftops mandatory for all newly sanctioned buildings, especially commercial buildings in new town.

  2. Fantastic updates as far as solar power is concerned.

    I think in steps 1-9, you have missed out the 15KW floating solar water station in the Eco Park lake.

    I think we can have some more solar power generation points.

    1. More Solar tress in Eco Park ( 480 acres is a huge place and 2 solar tress is very small in number)
    2. Solar tress along divider in MAR . Thats a long strip.
    3. Solar panels on top of the Cafe & pay-n-use Toilet buildings.
    4. Solar Panels on top of Nazrul Tirtha Building.
    5. Solar Tress / panels in the Senior Citizens Park.
    6. Solar Plant on rooftop should be planned for the upcoming bus terminus building design.
    7. Solar Panels on top of the VTI Building.
    8. Solar panels on top of Nagarayan Building.

    Lets set a new record in New Town / NKDA of solar power generation on rooftops and through solar trees without using valuable land. It will be great if we can target a number of 5 MW in the first phase of implementation.

    1. 1 more point.
      Solar panels can also be installed on rooftop of the convention centre in Eco Park island.

  3. We should not bother about the junk reporting by Anandabazar on Financial Hub and go for a full blast on the upcoming roadshows.

    My suggestion is , we should be having another round of newspaper advertisements just 1/2 days before the road show highlighting

    (a) The upcoming Golf Course
    (b) Sq feet of land purchased by the different FIs.( including SBI training centre)
    (c) Total Money in land invested ( as land price) by different FIs.
    (d) That already 50k+ people is staying in New Town.
    (e) GSDP growth rate in West Bengal ( for last 3 years, this is higher than national avg)