Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fairs and Festivals in Salt Lake / New Town

Urban theorists recognize that migration to towns and cities occur due to various factors including the 3Es ie Employment, Education and Entertainment. Traditional urban professionals used to lay relatively less emphasis on the Entertainment (Culture, Movies, Melas, Museums, Parks, Festivals and the like), preferring to be reactive and left to others rather than driving it in a pro-active manner. This is changing. As such, urban development department and its organisations have been creating central mela ground in Salt Lake, Eco Park / Rabindra Tirtha / Nazrul Tirtha / Mela Ground / Wax Museum/ Prks both for Children and Senior Citizens Park in New Town, Nazrul Mancha/ Rabindra Sarobar in South Kolkata and the like. In addition to creating such facilities, events also are increasingly being organised by urban authorities.
Here is a list of fairs and festivals slated in the Central Mela Ground of Salt Lake (dates / events provisional) to be organised by various people. Sometimes there is also a sharing of the ground:

Travel East Event : 27 Nov to 30 Nov
Sabala Mela: 25 Nov to 17 Dec
Karigar Haat: 7 Nov to 16 Nov
Bidhannagar Mela: 15 Dec to 26 Jan
Saras Mela: 27 Jan to 14 Feb

Rabindra Tirtha will be an associate partner of British Council's Inter-School Drama Programme from 8th to 13th December. The event will be held in Rabindra Tirtha. There are, in any case, Sunday evening cultural progmmes in Rabindra Tirtha and many other events which are published in Rabindra Tirtha's web site.

In Eco Park too, there will be exciting events in winter and dates are being finalised. Nazrul Tirtha will  host film festivals : besides being a possible additional venue for Kolkata International Film Festival this year, I just spoke to Director of Alliance France and Consul General of France to see if a weeklong French Film Festival may be held in November - December.
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Here is a photo of observation of Nazrul's death anniversary last Friday at Najrul Mancha:

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Here are few clippings:

Bartaman dt 28.8.2014

Khabar 365 dt 28.8.2014

Times of India dt 31.8.2014


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