Monday, August 18, 2014

Financial Hub Road Shows in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi

We have decided to hold road shows at Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi soon to promote the New Town Financial Hub. Tentatively, the shows in Mumbai and Chennai will be held on 1st and 15th September, that in Delhi will be in October. Hon'ble Minister Firhad Hakim will address members of the Financial Institutions. The following was published today in a financial / economic paper :

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Here are few clippings from today's papers:

Times of India dt 18.8.2014
Khabar 365 dt 18.8.2014

ToI dt 18.8.2014


  1. Fantastic initiative. Really great.:-) Lets send invite to all the CEOs ( including pvt sector one and lets make this series of road shows a big bang event). Best of luck. :-)

    We could have also highlighted about the golf course (beside boating) . Also perhaps needed is 1 more round of advertisement just before the event in Economic Times / Financial express and clearly stating how many sq feet of space is already taken up by these 11 corporates ( plus the training centre of SBI).

    GIFT Ahmedabad is continuously advertising space taken up by corporates already in terms of square feet. The figure appears big when expressed in terms of sq feet and the other CEOs tend to think that if we are not taking up space, when all others have gobbled up so much space, we are perhaps missing out something.

    Moreover, are we planning to reduce the land price in some special cases ( in case were a bank is willing to relocate its headquarter in the new town finance hub?). I think we can think about this in case we are planning to make a strong statement.

    If some bank is relocating its HQ, its a tremendous value proposition for the state in terms of high-end employment generation as well as tax collection.

  2. Sir, I believe this link

    will give you more suggestions regarding Financial Hub.

  3. I would like you to reconsider the decision on the introduction of the E-Rickshaws in New Town. These are rickety Chinese imports with shoddy quality. They would completely spoil the new age look of New Town. Moreover these can quickly become a menace as witnessed in Delhi. Electric golf carts or the Vello Taxi as they have in Germany, Tokyo would be more appropriate and maintain the aesthetics of a beautiful city.

  4. I completely agree with Rohit . E-Rickshaws will not go with the look and feel of New Town. However if we can have these golf carts operating all across New Town along with the solar auto-rickshaws , that will be a real real smart thing.

    Also I think this is high time, we think about personalised rapid transit systems like the one that you mentioned in a previous post:

    If we can start the solar power panels on the wetlands, those can be a gamechanger. Not only there will be a huge generation of solar power but because of that infrastructure, a large number of companies engaged in R&D activities with solar power , will set up centres in New Town. Also we can actively considering generating solar power in the 10 smart cities and provide some proof-of-concept in New Town and Gangasagar to attract further investments and funds.

    Gangasagar, I believe, has a huge solar power generation potential.

  5. Also Rickshaws should have a separate lane. Any form of rickshaws, if those are allowed on main road, it will become another baguiati.....bcoz ultimately these are driven by the pullers who have no sense of road rules, if at all they care about it.

    1. Auto rickshaws should be banned from most major roads including the major arterial roads of new town.. they are a total menace, follow no rules, are inherently unsafe. They are only suitable for the narrow bylanes of unplanned areas of the city / suburbs where it is not feasible for even mini buses to ply.

      It's ironic that we have laws to enforce seat belts for cars, yet allowing autos to ply - where the passengers are much more vulnerable than those in a passenger car ! Maybe it stems from a thought that the life of a car passenger / driver has more value than that of an auto rickshaw passenger / driver ..

  6. I too agree with Rohit and Abhishek.. if you plan to run small battery operated vehicles in new town internal roads, they should be like the golf carts used in eco park currently.

    The e-rickshaws or "toto"s which currently run in some semi-urban / rural areas look very rickety indeed with shoddy design. They will completely tarnish the image of new town as a smart city !

  7. Dear Sir,
    Just googled the pictures of 'TOTO' plying around Howrah. They are hideous, to say the least!
    Battery operated golf-carts (Maini Feri etc) are definitely the right choice. If cost is a factor; have some aesthetically pleasing variant of Toto instead of the current version. If that is difficult, please have something else but not the Toto in its current form!

    Aesthetics is important in everything we do. I understand the effort it might involve; but cheap designs don't really make a good impression.


    1. Did you see the image of toto on this article -

      It's truely hideous ! Hopefully new town will never have such ugly vehicles plying on the roads.

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