Saturday, August 16, 2014

Social Welfare

A request was recently received from the department of women development and social welfare that they needed a plot of land for construction of a building for rehabilitation of destitute girl children. An officer of the department and and a planner of Hidco jointly selected a plot of land in Action Area I. The area of the plot is 21.50 kottahs. It has been allotted at a subsidised cost. The philosophy of New Town is that there must be room for the disadvantaged or special needs groups in the planned township. It is thus that housing for the economically weaker section has been constructed in New Town, and there are Children's Parks and a Senior Citizen's Park and now a home for girls needing help and care.
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I was invited at the inaugural session of a National Convention of Realtors this morning. This took place at the ITC Sonar. I handed over a copy of the book "The New Address of Money" to the President of NAR with a request to play the DVD included theein regarding New Town and Financial Hub. I also released the book "Kolkata Smiles" an excellent coffee table book by Reca, Kolkata.

A photo taken by me from the dais at ITC Sonar Bangla this morning on my Sony h55:

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Last Friday, we commenced work on the new car park near the Entry Plaza opened recently. A photo of the coconut breaking event:
Third car park starts in Eco Park


  1. Car parking is a nice initiative - they should be scalable and if demand increases; you could think of multi-level car park; provided they suit the overall design theme of Eco park.

    I remember car parking areas near Milan Mela during Boi Mela is a mess. If this falls under the ambit of UD; I would request you to consider a multi-level car park next to Milan Mela as well. Car parking is no more a luxury feature; its the need of the day.


    1. We can consider Underground MLCP as it needs to suit with eco-park theme.... This is un utter need.... Concretization of eco-park green areas to build more and more open air single level car parking is not at all feasible, IMO.