Saturday, October 25, 2014

Operating Eco Resort

At the centre of the 112 acre lake of Eco Park is a 7 acre Eco Island. A glass house has already been built there and several events have been taking place, the last being a road show on Financial Hub on 27th Oct last.

Now 22 twin-cottages - each lake facing - are being built. These are moving towards completion. There are 44 beds, a central dining-cum-cafeteria and green lawns and lily pool. A discrete emergency footbridge at the back is also being constructed : this will connect a tiniest of island where a hammock strung between palm trees will be an exclusive attraction.

In order to run the Eco Cottages in the Eco Island of the Eco Park, we have invited offers from reputed hotels and tourist institutions. The idea is to let specialists run the housekeeping, catering and services for tourists. Several well known brands have already shown interest an visited the spot (we know,since they have to use out boat to get there!) . The last date of application is 30th Januray 2015. The one who gives the highest percentage of revenue in an e-auction sharing gets it for five years.

Here is a photo of the site when I visited yesterday:

Foot Bridge to Eco Resort
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Here are two clippings from today's papers:

Today's Statesman

Today's Khabar 365

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  1. Not sure if this is already included in the conditions, but the hotel operator should also maintain an website for the eco park resort with online booking availability / booking facility.