Friday, October 24, 2014

Ring Road around Eco Lake starts

Last Monday, we started construction of a Ring Road around the 112 acre water body of Eco Park. This will be done in three phases: the first phase that just started will go from Rabi Aranya (near Gate 1) via View Point Jetty to the starting point of the foot bridge to Eco Island. The second phase will go further around the Lake. The third phase will be from the Curator's Office / Musical Fountain via a bridge near the new link road and then connect to phase 2 road. A picture of the ground ceremony:
Ring Road Project starts
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Here are a few clippings:

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  1. Sir,
    You could have the tropical cousin of the Cherry Blossom (that you talk about often in your blog) planted along the entire stretch of the ring road; just like Tidal Basin in Washington DC.. it would look beautiful.
    Another suggestion on trees (if feasible) would be to plant some deciduous trees (tropical variants) along the MAR median from CC-2 to DLF.


  2. Sir,

    Can we have a large event in Eco Park during Christmas-New Year time frame ( 20th Dec-31st Dec)? Something in the lines of Sunburn festival in Goa?

    We can also have a part of it in OAT in Rabindra Tirtha and if marketed half as well as Goa , both HIDCO and WB Govt can make tons of money.

    Ideally these type of events should happen in sea beaches like Mandarmani, Digha, Tajpur, Sankarpur etc but I am not even expecting that.

    I have written about this various times to WB Tourism Dev officials but they seem to be least interested. If we can tie up with a large event management company, this can be organized really well.

    1. @Abhishek: We'll have several events. But not mega events. If you know of somebody,let us know