Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pedestrian Subway near Nazrul Tirtha

Yesterday, we inspected the progress of the pedestrian subway near Nazrul Tirtha / DLF in AA-1 of New Town. For the first time, we were able to cross Biswa Bangla Sarani using the subway. I was assured that the finishing works would be completed by the first week of November. A picture:

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Here are a few clippings:

Times of India dt 12 Oct 2014

Khabar 365 dt 12 ct 2014

Anandabazar dt 12 Oct 2014

Ekdin dt 12 Oct 2014


  1. Golf cart and the Segway vehicle are excellent ideas. However, the paver block path on which they are being used is not the right surface for them. The ride is more bumpy then smooth. I am sure that this is reducing the life of the gold cart and will do the same to the Segway vehicle. These vehicles are best enjoyed when driven on smooth surface. Just to understand, you should ride them on the road outside the ECO Park and then use them on the paver block path. The experience will be very different. The path in ECO Park needs to be made concrete and its surface smooth.


  2. Indians are used to bumpy rides and this one no exception. But aleast these fun rides are available.

    Good to see the subway almost ready. Kindly make sure its safe during non-peak(late evening) hours.

  3. Pedestrian Subway near Nazrul Tirtha -it will be great if half of stairs comes with Escalator. - Please think if it can be done.