Monday, February 9, 2015

Bagjola Cleaning

 Bagjola Canal is the arterial drainage outlet of New Town as well as a large part of North 24-Paraganas including Dum Dum and adjoining areas. Irrigation department has started desilting and cleaning it. NKDA has started some bank-side plantation. A photo taken yesterday:
Bagjola Canal Cleaning:
Birds can be seen near the left bank 

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Here are a few clippings from today's papers:

Times of India dt 9 Feb 2015
Ei Samay dt 9 Feb 2015
Khabar 365 dt 9 Feb 2015
Khabar 365
dt 9 Feb 2015


  1. The clean-up of the Bagjola canal was long overdue. It is currently like a huge seweage drain filled with black turbid waste water passing through the heart of new town - and it emits a very foul odor along the canal banks. On some stretches like Jatragachhi there are makeshift open toilets installed on this cana - used by squatters along both sides of the canal. lf it can be cleaned up and the banks of the canal beautified and squatters rehabilitated to other locations with better living conditions, it would be a really great achievement. Maybe you can consider planting cherry blossom trees along the canal banks and have tourist boats running along it similar to Kyoto, Japan !

  2. Sir, please consider the bridge over bagjola canal infront of Sunrise Greens/PS Ixora instead of the bumboo bridge.

  3. Dear Mr Sen,
    I am a resident on clubtown courtyard. Pls have a look the road at night time. Its fully dark and broken. Kindly put some attention for a bridge which is very much required on the bagjola canal in between sunrise green to gourangha nagar auto stand to access the new town directly. This is a basic requirement for urgency. If you have any input and plan just provide because ppl r waiting to see a positive hope from your end. Thanks.