Sunday, February 15, 2015

Incentives for Green Building and Parking Plazas in New Town

The Hidco Board met last Friday (13 Feb 2015) and decided to incentivize construction of Green Buildings in New Town. The Board noted that in terms of notication no. 4150-UD dt 18.12.2015, NKDA Rule 21 had been so amended so as to enable grant of 10% additional FAR for green buildings. The greenness would of course have to be suitably certified. The Board also noted that the notification also provided for additional parking facilities that would not be counted as consumption of FAR; this was to encourage multi-storied  parking spaces in big residential complexes, commercial malls, hospitals etc.
    Hidco Board adopted these changes and decided not to charge any additional fees. However, for availing additional FAR of up to 20% of normal FAR on fulfilling prescribed conditions (within 500m of metro corridor, provided road width was above 15m -for 15% - or 24m for 20%), fees would be leviable.
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Yesterday, a consultative conference on urban development was held at Nazrul Tirtha. All Eastern and North Eastern States were invited. The inaugural session was attended by Union Minister M Venkiah Naidu, State MIC Firhad Hakim and Union MoS Babul Supiyo. It started at 10 am and continued till 6.30pm.

Consultative Workshop at Nazrul Tirtha yesterday (14 Feb 2015)

First Floor of N'Tirtha: before start of workshop
Hon'ble Union Minister M Venkataiah being received at Nazrul
Tirtha yesterday morning
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A clipping:
Anandabazar dt 14 Feb 2015

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  1. Sir, is there a notification amending the 2014 building rules (applicable to buildings more more than 15 meters height and or plot of more than 1 hectare) as well for allowing additional FAR in case of green buildings? On the NKDA website there is only a notification for 2009 building rules.