Sunday, February 8, 2015

Urban Eco-village

A little while ago,I went to a large water-body in Action Area 2, at the backside of high-rise residential apartments like Malancha, Greenwood etc. We released some fishlings and wish to start angling soon. There will be a habitat for birds and ethnic village houses on the waterfront to make it a nature watchers' attraction. The first step would be to crate a fencing ring-around and then build traditional typical village house lookalikes from the rural areas of Santiniketan, Coochbehar, Bankura, Birbhum, Burdwan, etc. Angling, bird-watching, camping and photographing would be the main activities.

Two photos :
Site of Urban Eco-Village (Top) and AsokPatra, S. Giri, me and
 P Ghosh bottom)
* * *
Here are some clippings from today's papers:

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Hindustan Times dt 8 Feb 2015
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Khabar 365 dt 8 Feb 2015
And here is a link to Mint: Mint

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  1. A whole bunch of commercial entities have taken land in New town and kept the land vacant for years just by putting up a fence. Can we push these companies a bit to start construction?

    I am not talking of Infosys and Wipro as we know there are SEZ issues and there are sentimental aspects related to this. But other those 2,there are many other companies who are not utilizing the land.

    There are educational institutes, commercial companies and all sort of varieties of organizations. Since earlier, we assumed fencing as construction work, we did not push them and people are taking advantage of this.

    We all know Bengal needs jobs in lakhs and if some gentle push can generate more jobs , nothing can be better than that.

    Also with 17 banks signing up, now we should go for more rounds of road shows for the pvt sector banks as well as in overseas financial hubs.