Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cherry Blossoms again

See last year's post at Sakura . The flowers are blooming again. A picture:

Asian Cherry Blossoms are blooming again
(Photo courtesy Sanjit Sharma)
* * *
We had a training at UD on IT Security. C-DAC conducted this training. Two pics:

Here is a clipping:
Times of India dt 17 Feb 2015


  1. Sir, it is good to see so many good things happening in the state, thanks to you and everybody else. One aspect that the govt. could look more into is Homeopathy. As,the government is keen on providing more and more affordable medical facility to the people, homeopathy can be a great and cheaper alternative. Also, setting up a Homeopathy institute in the New Town would be a good thing.

  2. Hi,
    New Town, truly is becoming 'the city' to live in. Thanks to you and your dedicated team of officials, this part of the city is fast transforming from a big dream to an absolute reality.
    Though off-topic, I beg you to please consider the laying of footpaths, other than the subways and 'the major green walk you have planned for connecting 3 AAs' on all major roads.
    I know at this moment you might have had several reasons for not creating it with dust flow-encroachments-metro-various constructions going on, but at least keeping provisions for later implementation might help thousands of people who might prefer walking this 'incredible city in the making'.