Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Town's on-line plan to Delhi

The Ministry of UD, Govt of India, has called the CEO NKDA to demonstrate to them tomorrow the way the on-line plan sanction application works in New Town. They are trying to device ways and means to make doing business in India easier. It was great to see that New Town'son-line system has received the attention at national level.Mr Gopal Ghosh CEO NKDA, Mr Sukrit Chatterjee, Chief Architect NKDA, Mr Kaushik Dhar and Ms Sayantani Majumdar of  NKDA will form a 4-member team to Delhi. The presentation will be done at Nirman Bhavan tomorrow.
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 Yesterday, Mr Baichung Bhutia came to Hidco to get his possession letter for hisplot in Action Area 1. A photo on my iPhone:
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A clipping:
Khabar 365 dt 3 Feb 2015


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  2. Sir,
    I did like you to seek your attention in this matter, which I believe is a key concern for New Town and its intention to become an International Financial Hub.

    Kindly click on the link below:


    I did like to know what are the initiative taken by HIDCO and Govt. of WB in this regard.

    1. Aritra,

      IFSC is supposed to come under SEZ framework. So unless WB Govt is open about SEZ , we cannot have this type of thing in New Town finance hub.

  3. Sir,

    A few realizations from my last Kolkata visit.

    1. Alternate connection with South Kolkata from New town ( through elevated expressway above wetlands) is badly needed. Chingrihata Junction becomes a nightmare during office hours and situation is becoming more worse day by day.

    2. Action Area 1 is nicely developed now with housing, parks , markets , hotels and other infrastructures. However AA 3 is still predominantly empty with vast stretches of vacant land. If the land before and after Unitech and Rosedale Apartments is already allocated , we should nudge the allot tees to start their projects immediately. This should stop giving AA3 a look and feel of an under-developed zone. Also the construction of 3rd bridge on Bagjola canal is going on for too long a time.

    3. Many universities are coming up in New Town like Alia, Amity, St Xaviers, Presidency , RBU etc. However other than 2 branches of DPS, there are HARDLY any schools in New Town. I know scores of families whose kids study in La Martiniere, St Xaviers, Garden High,Don Bosco, Loreto House , South Point etc.... all of which are in South or Central Kolkata and they are not shifting to New Town because travelling from New Town to these schools will take up huge time. Can HIDCO earmark some plots in New Town for school projects so that established schools of Kolkata and elsewhere can bid for these plots and set up schools in New Town? This will go a long way to establish New Town as a coveted residential destination.

    4. Needless to mention here again that flyover in Ruby junction as well as in Jadavpur thana is long long overdue like the BRTS project. I know JNNURM is scrapped now and state govt is cash - starved but Sir, we are banking on you to get central funds for these projects ( only you can figure out under which scheme of Central Govt)