Monday, May 4, 2015

Legal Tourism in Kolkata

We had a very fruitful meeting in Nandan today. Hon'ble Justice Ashim Banerjee, Minister Firhad Hakim, Minister Chandrima Bhattacharya, Advocate General Jayanta Mitra, Addl AG, GP, Advocate on Record, Secretary Judicial Department, Secretary Law Department, Amardas Mangalchand, HSA Associates, Fox and Mandal, President Legal Forum, Vice Chancellor NUJS etc participated. It was generally agreed that Alternative Dispute Resolution arena could be set up in New Town but that slightly different treatment needed to be given for Commercial disputes and Social disputes. We, on our part, argued that with its state-of-the-art modern plug-and-play infrastructure in New Town, all tribunals (State and Centre: like State Administrative Tribunal, Land Tribunal, Tax Tribunal, Central Administrative Tribunal), Commissions (Human Rights Commission, Women's Commission, Commissions of Enquiry), Other Courts (Family Courts, Consumer Courts, Legal Aid), Commercial Courts (Arbitration, mediation and conciliation centres) could be all brought in together in the Legal Hub in New Town. It was highlighted that the National Green Tribunal was already operating from New Town and that the Judicial Academy was nearing completion in New Town. A photo:

Meeting on Legal Hub at Nandan Conference Hall on 4 May 2015

Members commented that in London and Singapore, Legal Tourism was gaining ground as disputes between parties from different countries chose to settle their differences in these modern hubs. There was no reason why Kolkata couldn't make one either.

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Here are three clippings from today's papers:
Times of India dt 4 May 2015
Ei Samay dt 4 May 2015

Times of India dt 4 May 2015


  1. Can we have pics of upcoming judicial academy at new town and it's exact location.

  2. Dear Mr Sen,

    Kindly help people staying on canal side of GHUNI. It has become terribly difficult to commute on the canal side road. The water pump maintenance and canal cleaning has further deteriorated the situation. All the sludge has been deposited on already narrow and crumbling canal side road.

    Urge your kind attention on the situation to make life livable for us.


  3. I do not like the idea of building an ice-skating rink at Eco park. With Kolkata's hot and humid weather a lot of enery has to be wasted in making the ice and keeping the place ice cold. Not Eco friendly at all ! Please re-consider this decision - maybe build a skate / rollerblade area instead. Also, more focus should be put on planting more trees / improving the greenery around the park.

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