Friday, May 8, 2015

Photo Contest on Eco Park

On Tuesday 21st April, on the occasion of the PRSI annual day, we distributed the prizes of a photography competition held some time ago at Eco Park. The contest was organised by PRSI and the theme was : Eco Park. Young citizens were eligible to apply. Here is a prize winning entry. I wish to publish others too in due course:
Prize winning photo by Subhankar Adhikary

Here is a clipping of the event in Nazrul Tirtha where we distributed the prizes:
Telegraph T2 dt 6 May 2015
* * *
Here are a few more clippings:

Ei Samay dt 8 May 2015
Bartaman dt 6 May 2015
Times of India dt 8 May 2015
Urban News Digest

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  1. Please consider that ecopark does not become concrete park