Sunday, May 10, 2015

New Public Towns, New Private Towns, Smart Towns

The Union Cabinet recently passed the Smart City concept. Although the guidelines have not yet been released formally by the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), the press release on behalf of GoI can be seen at thislink >> Smart City  . The starting point is makng of a concept plan. From West Bengal, a concept plan has been drawn for New Town, Kolkata with NISG (National Institute of Smart Governence). The Hidco Board has constituted a one-member committee consisting of Dr Subir Ray, an IT professional and independent member of Hidco Board. I was present in the kick-off meeting. A photo :

Meeting of Committee o Review Smart City Plan of New Town
The smart city plan suggested by NISG falls into a number of interventions that builds upon the already modern city infrastructure existing in New Town. It talks of video based health consultation clinics, use of analytics to automatically analyse video shoots from CCTVs, use of SCADA systems to detect water flow in pipe networks, web based property tax system (already there is the State's only on-line building plan sanction system for New Town), synchronization of land and tax data on the database, sensor-based street light energy conservation modules, digital pen-based complaint systems, underground solid waste management network, drone-based surveillance systems, intelligent public transport system and city-wide high speed Wi Fi coverage.

The state government has also made out a list of 13 towns in the public sector and posed to MoUD for giving the green light to go ahead with subsequent stages. These will be taken forward as soon as the guidelines are published by MoUD.

A private township policy for the state was recently approved by the State Cabinet. Based on this, a number of proposals have been received. These private towns will bring in their own land, will keep 25% housing units for the Economically Poor and keep 25% area for a theme-based non-housing development that will boost economic activities. A number of such proposals have since been received and themes vary from Geriatric Towns to Innovative Knowledge Cities and many in between.

A list of seven greenfield townships have also been announced recently. These would be theme-based towns at Bolpur, Kalyani, Asansol, Dumurjala, Baruipur, Debgram. A kick-off meeting will be held next Wednesday 13th under the Chairmanship of Minister Firhad Hakim for taking these projects forward.
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Here is a clipping from today's paper:

Khabar 365 dt 10 May 2015


  1. If Bloomberg is in the committee of judges, he will definitely lay a great emphasis on green initiatives. So more solar power and more rainwater harvesting is needed. Sir, you can coax ADDA and SJDA to start the green initiatives at least.

    Have we started with the initiative of concept paper for the 13 other towns in West Bengal? Otherwise , no other township, other than New Town will qualify. At least CCTV installation, online building plan sanction and syncronization of land and tax data can take a start.

    Also we should start collaboration with the different software vendors. That would be a major brand building for New Town as a futuristic city. These technology vendors have their own positive propaganda machinery.

    1. You can give me a list of such vendors?

    2. Yes Sir, I will be dropping you a mail shortly.

  2. dear sir,

    In New Garia there is a problem of constructing the depo....
    In Delhi due to land shortage, the stable/depo are planned some portion overhead and some portion on the ground................this can be implemented in the new Garia too.
    The ground floor may be used for the north -south metro and
    the first floor as the stable yard of Airport -New Garia metro..........
    In this way the land problem will be solved ant the water body around will be saved.

    Can You put forward this idea to the respected authority?


  3. National Institute of Smart Governance solutions are IOT solutions of generic nature.
    Every town or city has a distinct urban pattern (form) effecting its functions. Organizations like Bloomberg, Rockefeller 100 Resiliant Cities and EU Smart city initiatives looks at initiatives that enhances CITY Resilience. EU Smart city initiative wants to also make the economy 3rd Industrial Revolution (TIR - Jeremy Rifkin) Compliant.
    MOUD has conveyed in their briefings till date that other than above, it has additional agenda of social and economic development.
    Proposals with vendor driven IOT applications cannot be a unique selling proposition for NKDA and other towns of West Bengal,
    The selection would be based on resilience factors of the city and projects to improve resilience and making the city's economy TIR Compliant.