Monday, June 1, 2015

Ease of Business Meeting

At Town Hall today, there was a large meeting held by Hon'ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Many departments spoke of the efforts taken by them in easing business processes. I mentioned that we had delegated powers under T&CP Act for industrial projects to MDs of WEBEL, WBSIDC, WBIDC and WBIIDC. I also mentioned that for building plan sanction, New Town was the only place where on-line building plan sanction is done. I also talked of ILF&S being our Advisor who would do all the paperwork at the applicant's premises for applying to participate in the Financial and Legal Hub. A photo:

From the dais: at 3rd row

* * *
Here are few clippings from today's papers:

Top & Bottom: HT dt 1 June 2015

Ei Samay dt 1 June 2015

Ei Samay dt 1 June 2015

Times of India dt 1 June 2015

Times of India dt 1 June 2015


  1. The welcome gate would be better suited over the 1st rotary itself. This is becoming quite a very busy intersection and enough space should be left for provision of a couple of flyovers in the future - just like the ones being built over Parama island on EM bypass.

  2. Looks like yesterday’s Business Made Easy meet was well received by business communities and got lot of national and local media attention too:

    Indian Express:

    Hindu BusinessLine: