Sunday, June 14, 2015

Solar Boats

A pair of Solar Boats were put on trial at Eco Park day before yesterday. Since the boats are light-structured, these are not put in the wave-prone large lake of Eco Park but in the calmer waters of the smaller lake in Heliconia Garden. The boats were powered by a battery engine that is recharged through a solar panel on the roof. The boats are two-seater and are designed by the Solar Cell of BESU who had also designed the 500KW solar canal-top power system that has already generated more than 40 Mega Watt Hours since its commissioning and pumped the power in the electricity grid (see Live Solar Data for real-time and historical data) . NKDA's and UD's roofs also have a solar panels that are generating power through the net metering system.

A photo of the Solar Boats now on trial at Eco Park:

Solar Boats on trial at Heliconoa Garden Lake, Eco Park
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Here is a clipping from today's paper:

Times of India dt 14 June 2015

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