Friday, June 5, 2015

Markets of New Town

Three markets in New Town Action Area 1 are already in operation. In respect of few more, applications have been invited. Several others are under construction.
I along with officers and engineers of NKDA visited all markets under construction yesterday. Here are few photos on my mobile:

* * *

Ei Samay dt 5 June 2015
Labanhrad Sanbad
Sanmarg dt 5 June 2015


  1. Dear Debashis Sen ,
    when will be the darw for these markets?

  2. Sir,

    In future, please build all these markets with basement parking. People will be coming in cars mostly in New Town and they will congest the roads otherwise.

    Also , in case of parking near the markets, please identify designated areas and charge proper parking fee.

    Parking fees are one of the major revenue earning sources of any modern day township.

    1. Dear Abhishek,
      If we will get shops in these markets in the draw
      Will it be a worth ?