Wednesday, June 3, 2015

UD Budget for 2015-16 passed

The Assembly today passed the UD budget for 2015-16. The amount is Rs. 2,563 cr. The plan budget is Rs 1,895 crores. Last year's Plan budget was Rs. 1,585 cr. What did we do with these funds last FY? We did 14 Road Projects (Flyovers, BRTS, Roads, Pedestrian Subways near Book Fair etc), 12 Water Supply Projects (Dhapa, Bansberia,Kamarhati,Durgapur etc), Drainage Projects , Riverfront Projects, Special Projects (Haldia Trade Centre, Nazrul Mancha, State Convention Centre) etc.

Few policy initiatives taken last FY:
1. Creation of new Development Authorities (Tarapit, Furfura SharifGangasagar Bakkhali)
2. Issue of gazette notification dt 15.9.2014 and 28.4.2015 allowing / expanding list of non-residential activities allowed in Salt Lake  and New Town
3. Gazette noification dated 7.8.2014 allowing cange of use of land in Salt Lake from It to non-IT
4. Issue of noyification dated 17.10.2014 laying down time limits on delivery of public services
5. Gazette notification dt 18.12.2014  allowing addl FAR for Green Buildings etc in New Town
6.  Gazette notification dt 8.4.2015 allowing 49% residential use in CBD of New Town
7. Gazette noification delegating powers of clearance under T&CP Act to WEBEL,WBIDC, WBIIDC, WBSIDC for industrialunits

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Here are few clippings:

Khabar 365 dt 3 June 2015

Ei Samay dt 2 June 2015
Hindustan Times dt 3 June 2015
Anandabazar dt 2 June 2015 

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