Sunday, September 11, 2016

Brainstorming on Clean Green New Town

Yesterday we had a detailed brainstorming discussion on ways to keep New Town clean. Officers of NKDA and Hidco as well as Consultants Feedback Infra - who were present on another assignment - were present. We identified the following strategy steps:

1. Appeal to citizens to use bins and not throw solid waste except when the compactor / auto-tipper comes
2. Increase the number of public bins drastically from 150 (now) to 450 (proposed).
3. Divide the area within New Town to two agencies so as to foster competition
4. Increase the number of street sweeping groups and supervisors and monitor mechanical sweeping machines through GPS.
5. Divide the town into 165 number of  500m x500m grids and make one responsible officer of NKDA / HIDCO to look after cleanliness of the grids assigned to him/her.
6. Special attention to food stalls, markets, hotels etc
7. Use the SWM teams to reach out to households for awareness drive through leaflets and posters.
8. Create a robust market framework for buying municipal waste by NKDA to trigger citizens and informal transportation network in bringing value for cleanliness activities in a sustainable manner.
9. Encourage rooftop organic farming to utilise organic household waste to be composted into fertilisers.
10. Educate people on the new notification no. 3626-UD dated 9.9.2016 of Urban Dvelopment Department that defines littering and imposes a fine of Rs 100 and no. 3627-UD t 9.9.2016 that defines how construction material has to be stored within own site (not on road) and prescribes Rs 5,000  fine and penalty for every day of delay in removing materials from road etc
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HT dt 11 September 2016
Khabar 365 dt 11 Sep 2016

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