Saturday, September 17, 2016

Staff Workout for Cafe Ekante at Eco Island

Me with Saurav Sarkar at the beginning of the session

Yesterday morning, the staff of Cafe Ekante, along with volunteers of Karmyog, were given a workout by Karmayogi Saurav Sarkar. It was held at Utsari Glass Hall in Eco Park's Island. At 6.30 in the morning, the two hour session started with combined singing and light aerobics in rhythm. The feedback was good and I could see that the staff were liking it. Saurav Sarkar explained to me that just as people like us go to yoga classes and aerobics, people working at grassroots level also had need for mental and physical rejuvenation but such workouts necessarily had to be organised close to where they worked. So here it was, right adjacent to their place of work, the staff of Cafe Ekante. Here is a link to a story on Karmayog Foundation's work on Bagjola canalfront that appeared earlier this year.
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HT dt 17 Sep 2016

Anandabazar dt 17 Sep 2016

Times of India dt 17 September 2016

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