Friday, September 30, 2016

Shubho Mahalaya :)

Shubho Mahalaya to all from Urban Journal !

At New Town, I convened a brainstorming session some days ago to strategise out with senior officers how we could increase footfalls in New Town. I gave each of the centre managers a target of "+15%" that is, they were to find out what the footfalls were in last Puja time and achieve a 15% increase. We discussed few broad approaches but left the managers to come up with detailed plans.

Thus there were combo offers and discounts, decorating lights and dhaker sound, cultural events and day cottages, digital wallets and extra outlets / kiosks. Some of this is encapsulated in the picture above. This is also published in today's Calcutta Times.

There will be jingles on FM, clips on TV, announcements on social media and "inserts" (inserts are the paper leaflets inserted within the newspaper so that it reaches people's homes along with the morning paper).
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HT page 1 dt 30 Sep 2016

Salt Lake Telegraph dt 30 Sep 2016

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