Sunday, September 25, 2016

Collaboration with State Fisheries Development Corporation

Yesterday at the Hidco Board meeting, it was decided to hand over possession of 100 ha of water bodies in New Town to Fisheries Department's SFDC. A space in Eco Park's Heliconia Garden would also be given to SFDC for opening its food stall "All Fish".

The decision to hand over water bodies was based upon a directive of Hon'ble Chief Minister in a meeting at Town Hall on 3 June 2016 that for proper farming of fish, different water bodies of different departments should be handed over to Fishery Department. Accordingly, the water bodies at Upasanasthal (AA1D, 8.74 ha), Water Treatment Plant (AA1. 30 ha), Eco Urban Village (AA2, 15 ha), SWM Area (Chhapna, AAIIID, 30 ha) and Diler Bheri (AA1, 17 ha) were identified for being handed over to SFDC on an as is where is basis on a 50:50 profit sharing basis after a moratorium of one year. The Eco Park lake, however, would continue to be with Hidco for now. The "All Fish" stall however would be given on a rental basis. Mr Soumyajit Das, MD SFDC in a discussion yesterday after the Board meeting indicated that he'd try to open the All Fish stall in Eco Park by next Sunday (2 Oct).  Incidentaly, SFDC is running an SFDC restaurant at Nalban since some time. It was further decided yesterday that Hidco would source its fish requirement for Cafe Ekante from SFDC as much as possible.

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