Friday, September 23, 2016

Outdoor Advertisement Plan

Representatives from DMITS came over from Delhi to New Town today and gave a presentation on outdoor advertisement policy. I said after the presentation that we would be interested in a Master Plan for New Town.
The Genesis of the matter came from a letter from MoUD that forwarded and recommended a proposal that in smart cities, good public service can be ensured through revenue generation from outdoor advertising. In course of the discussions, I mentioned that in many cases it was seen that the promised services and maintenance of the utilities were not done y advertsing agencies who were oly interested till their advts were up. As such, the revenue opportunities should be harnessed by public bodies directly and O&M operations could be separately dealt with by specialised organisations out of this revenue or otherwise. However, in the name of revenue generation, visual pollution should be avoided and aesthetics should be given due importance. Se a master plan with optimium pin-pointed sites and sizes should be drawn up where Hidco would construct the displays and maintain smart street furniture out of this revenue.

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Abz dt 22 Sep 2016

Millennium Post dt 23 September 2016

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