Sunday, January 1, 2017

Colours of Life

We had a Hackathon on urban art with young architects. They went to sites, studied the 'problems' - (design a light sculpture, being one of these) - got inputs from the seniors of IIA (Indian Institute of Architects) and made a presentation at Rabindra Tirtha where eminent artists and architects were present. The inspiration for the design emanated from the Rubik's Cube and aspired to celebrate the colours of life. Yesterday, the last day of 2016, this sculpture was installed on the waterfront, at a site near the Herbal Garden. Here is a picture taken by me yesterday. Some finishing touches are still being given.

A Light Sculpture to Celebrate Colours of Life
There is a signage that has been placed near the sculpture. Here is it:

* * *
Ei Samay dt 1 Jan 2017

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