Monday, January 23, 2017

Kolkata Book Fair's Hidco Stall to focus on Theme Cities, Convention Centre

I just visited the venue of the Kolkata Book Fair at Milan Mela Ground with JMD Gopal Ghosh, Suman Neogy GM and Kritiibas Nayek, GM along with Booksellers Guild officials and agency representatives. We have decided to have a considerably larger stall for Hidco. We have decided to emphasise that Kolkata will be a great Exhibition and Convention Destination once the Biswa Bangla Convention Centre on the 10 acre plot opens later this year. Even the huge open-to-sky grounds outside Gate 1 of Eco Park are very attractive exhibition destinations and huge international Mines and Machinery, or Foundry Equipment (a new one is going start from 25th January again here) often take place here even now. So much so, that we are planning to engage a panel of specialised air-conditioned hanger fabricators who will put these up as required on a modular basis with least damage to the paved grounds. We have recently given a space to NTESC who have placed transformers and panels so that organisers can get bulk power at short notice and at convenient locations. We also plan to build executive toilets that can be made use of by the organisers. This will be in addition to the staff / workers' toilets that are already there. Reservations are already pouring in months/ years in advance both for the Convention Centre as well the open exhibition grounds.

We will, in the Kolkata Book Fair stall highlight that 2.5, 4 and 6 kottah plots will be available for allotment soon in Geetabitan Theme City near Shantiniketan. 5 other theme cities will also be highlighted.
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Asian Age dt 23 Jan 2017

Bartaman dt 23 Jan 2017

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